Interview with Pierre Jamart, director of Chauffage Economique sprl. 20.10.2013

Mr Jamart, your company is named Chauffage economique. Do you use some special kind of heating? To warm the house in our country, or in any other country, is not economical at all.
Yes, it’s true, some people in Belgium spend 3000 euro a year to warm their house. And with our system people save 80% of this amount every year.

With our system people can save 80% of the money, they spend nowadays on warming their houses.

But how is it possible? it it some new kind of energy, that you have discovered?
It depends, how to look at this problem. It’s may be not new tipe of energy, all new is well forgotten old, but it’s a question, how and with which technology you produce the energy. First of all, we use a traditional firing for our territory, - and this is wood. We are in the country, where the wood is very cheap, people even give it for free. Generally I say to the client, that he will save 80% of masut, using our system. Let’s compare, 1000 litres of masut is equal to 4 stera of wood. Let’s account 100 euro a stera, what is not, because you can have it for 30 if you search, but ok, let’s account expansive. You will pay 400 euro for 4 stera of wood very dry, good quality, instead of 1000 euro for 1000 litres of masut. So, economy is evident: you save 600 euro every 1000 litres. And it’s the minimum. Normally it will be 750 euro. So, if your house consomates 3000 litres, you save 3 times 750 euro approximatively. So, 2150 euro. Let’s account only 2000 euro. After two years you will complitely return your installation. Completely, even if it’s us, who place it. And we propose you to place it yourself and save again 1000 euro. And after 10 years you save minimum 20,000 euro, and it’s a lot of money. You can buy a nice beautiful car, or go on holiday wonderful, or invest this money again in renovation of your house.
So, your idea is, warm your house with wood, like in the past, and your life will be better?
Something like this, but this is not enough. To make your life really better, you have to use modern technology to burn the wood. With maximum efficiency and maximal comfort. And this is what we propose to the market: an insert with water jacket circulation.
An insert, that looks like a beautiful traditional fireplace, but in fact, this is a real high level technology heating system. Consomation is minimal, return is on the top, and like this, it is possible to warm the whole house.
This is what we propose to the market. Beautiful fireplace, that is in fact a high level technology heating system.
And what is the main principle of this system?
Water jacket circulation system.
Yes, exactly, water jacket circulation. How does it circulate?
In fact, is’t very easy. As we know from school, water is the best calorie transporter. Aqua system is double powerful, you can compare it with the cars, they also have cooling system with water. It’s the same with the heater, a lot of people buy on air circulation, because it’s more easy conception, they think, it’s more fast, but in fact, they buy the wrong machine, that is complitely in the past. Air circulation fireplases dry the air in the room too much up. It will be uncomfortable, it will be dust, flying everywhere, it will be too fast hot in your salon. They burn too fast and not efficient enough. And how many traditional fireplaces you need to warm your house, - one in every room? – with water cerculation you will warm all your rooms and the kitchen and the bathroom with one insert only. And this insert will be the best solution for hugely isolated houses, passive houses. Water circulation, water jacket is very easy to install, it is powerful, it is modern, and you don’t need to change anything in your hydraulic system, you just plague on what exist already and use it! – what better do you want?
How does it work, your system, I mean, how can you warm the whole house with one insert?
You just have to burn the wood in our insert during four or five hours. Water inside a jacket around the fire will become hot and it will start to circulate and bring the heat into your radiators on the walls or inside the floor, in the boiler. The heat will accumulate there and distillate the warmth slowly into the rooms during the rest 20 hours. The same way you may heat sanitary water for the bathroom or for the kitchen. This insert does’not give the heat directly. It stocks it in the water and you do what you want with this water: use it now or use it later. And this is the point, the advantage. It’s the best way to save and make the fire only once a day and keep termoefficient all the time at the same temperature. Because, at the moment you start a new fire, the house is already warm by the previous one, which is still active through the boiler, distrubuating slowly.
Is it difficult to install this system? for example, if they have already central heating on masut and they would like to change it for water jacket insert, would it be difficult?
Not difficult at all. Let’s compare again with the cars, I like to compare with the cars. An old masut system it’s like an antique car, that consomates with an old engine a lot of benzin. What you can do, you replace this engine with another one, but much smaller diesel engine next generation, and you can still drive your beautiful antique car, but with a small engine, that consomates nothing.

With our system it’s even better, you don’t need to take off an old masut heater, you keep it beside, and you may use it, if you don’t want to make a fire so often. The same way water jacket insert is compatible with any other heater, working on gas de ville, or from the gas tank in the ground, or electric heater, it could be also pompa chaleurs or solar pannels.

I suppose, to warm with wood is quite dirty. It’s a lot of job to bring, and to clean all these after. Do you have anything against this?
An insert with water circulation is easy to install. Just plague it to your hydraulic system and you may use it.
Well, you like or you don’t like the fire. Of course, if you have a fireplace, you will have some inconvinience. But people, who buy insert, it’s because they like to touch a piece of wood, they like to touch it. And they like to see the burning. It looks very calming in their eyes, it’s primitive sencibility to have a contact with the fire. We all are children of the fire. Without fire there is no civilization, and since the ancient times houses have been always built around the fire. The fire directs the house. So, you like it, or you don’t like it. If you do, you have to take it like it is. Of course, with our system in a contemporary houses you don’t need to keep the fire all day long. You can predict, that for a villa 250 quadrat meters, well isolated, you will use only 8 stera of wood for the whole year, and it’s not so much job to bring. It’s a pleasure, and first of all, you buy a fireplace for the pleasure.
And is there a way to make it more easy to clean also?
Yes, of course, it’s not like in the past. Our system is much more clean and comfortable to take care. First, you can have ash directly falling into the cellar. It will fall through a special pipe into a tank 300 kilo, that you may change every three years. And you can even sell this ash, because it’s a very good natural fertilizer.

Second help, we can calculate the neseccary size of your smoke pipe, according to the power of your insert, it’s also a special kind of pipes, that will help to keep the smoke always inside the insert, even if the door of your fireplace stays open. In the past people were not so much careful about this, they used to produce fireplaces little by chance, it works, - it works not. And many-many houses in Belgium still have fireplaces, which the owners cannot use exactly for this reason: they smell, they give a lot of smoke, it doesn’t work. Now with the correct pipe, double inox isolated, you are sure, that your fireplace will work correctly and smoke will stay inside the pipe.

And third advantage, the air-feeding will be organized from outside the house, and it will never be stuffy in your salon. By the way, this system makes our fireplace compatible with passive houses, where you use double flux ventilation.

There is more, because of water jacket, the fire will burn much more slowly. Slow fire is much more efficient, all the heat will go inside the water and not in the sky with the smoke.

If the fire is more slow, it’s probably also more secure?
Secure for sure, because it’s completely under the water, so of course, you burn inside the water tank, so what wrong can happen? – nothing. Yes, security is for sure, and longer burning.
So, you persuade me, I agree now, that water jacket insert it’s much more cheap ans still very comfortable central heating. It’s even beautiful central heating. But what is the main principle to choose the correct size of an insert? Does it depend upon square meters of the house?
Our fireplaces are compatible with passive houses, with double flux ventilation.
It depends more the isolation of the house, than a square meters. Specially nowadays. In the past, it were square meters more important, because isolation was zero. But nowadays we don’t speak about square meters any more, because a house of 500 square meters can be passive and consomate zero comparing with small house 60 square meters could consomate 3000 litres a year. In fact, about choosing the correct insert, and correct boiler, - one single answer for every house does not exist. Every house, like an every human is individual. For example, with the tank of water you can take as much as you want powerful insert. It will not give the heat directly into the rooms, so, not a problem, you will stock it for later. It’s also not important the size of the battery, - like it’s important the power of the tank. Don’t take too big tank, don’t take it too small. But if you take too small fireplace, it will take more time to warm your boiler, and more time you may be don’t have, so, don’t take also too small fireplace. It depends, what people want. I sold recently double face 24 kw insert to full the tank of 600 litres, and it will work perfectly. Clients will be happy. Of course 30 kw will be little better, because it will full faster, but they would not have a double face, you know, it’s always a choice to make between charming fire, nice fire, and return, that you will have on a warming system. So, when you choose an insert you have to choose also esthetic. It’s important, because when you buy a warming system from our company, you have to choose also esthetic, what to put on your wall, «Picasso», or «Modigliani», so to say.
It is so many parametra, which build a warming system. What I could be sure to choose correctly – it’s probebly just the shape of my future fireplace, and all the technical parametra I would prefer a specialist calculate for me.
Exactly, and it’s what our company is famous for: You come to us with your project and we will definize, what you need. We don’t have commercials who sell, we have technicians, who know, who help you to buy what you want, but with all the technical parametra included.

We always calculate it with the consomation of the masut of the people. If they arrive with the consomation of masut 3000 litres, of course they need 30 kw. By experience, we give this into their hands. If they have consomation more, that 3000 litres, we will give them 40 kw, if their consomation is between 1000 and 2000 only, we will sell them 20 kw, and it will be enough.

Of course, tank is important also. If it’s a well isolated house, that consomates 700 litres a year, I may be would not give 10 kw, - I will give 30, but with a tank. Like this, the boiler will distillate the warmth slowly during 2 days. If you come with your project of an old farm and consomation of 3000 litres, and you say, that your plombier advised you to buy a 2000 litres tank, I will say – no, you don’t need a tank, you would not use it, because your 30 kw will be completely lost in this tank. Your consomation of the house uses all these 30 kw directly in the radiators.

And sometimes, if you have a house very small, with 8 radiators only, I will give you 20 kw insert, - why to invest in a tank in a small house? Make turn 20 kw, save money on buying the system and you don’t need a tank. Like this, every case is different and you need an advise of a specialist. And we are not interested to sell you more pieces, we are interested that your system will work correctly, and this is the best publicity for us.

We are not interested to sell you more pieces, we are interested that your warming system will work correctly, and this is the best publicity for us.

So, with your company we can really save on warming the houses?
Yes, of course, but first you have to spend. It’s the best way to save. Because you will invest in our product and it will save you in future. You will buy an insert, and all the atmosphere in the family will be better. It’s a center of the house, It will give warm, it will give atmosphere and everybody will be more happy.

Besides this, by our company you can buy with a good price the whole economical system for warming the house, including fireplace with water circulation, cheminees double paroi, suitable size boiler, solar pannels, all necessary details, and either get help with installation of these systems.

Thank you.
You are welcome!